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Ways You Can Be Creative With Your Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants are getting popular these days. They give a fresh look to your place and also improve the overall ambiance. If you have not yet tried it,

Here ways you can be creative with your indoor plants:

1. Create Pots From Old Items That You Don’t Need Anymore

Who said your pots have to come directly from the store? With some creativity and elbow grease, you’ll find yourself crafting incredibly diverse pots that merely need some paint to look nice! For example, you can use the bottom of a soda bottle. What’s nice about using those as pets is that they’re washable and waterproof—perfect for plants like moist soil (like African violets and orchids).

2. Make Your Soil With Eco-Friendly Ingredients

We all know how important it is to keep our environment clean and healthy, so why not start with your organic potting soil? You only need some worm compost (which can be bought online or from certain gardening stores), peat moss (got this at the garden store too), vermiculite, per lite (you can find these in craft stores; they’re great for improving drainage), and charcoal (from pet stores). After you’ve mixed all of these ingredients, add some compost tea to them and stir. Now you have your very own potting soil!

3. Use Old Plastic Bottles And Palettes As Planters

If you’re not the creative type but still want to be green with your pots, I’ve got just the thing for you: old plastic bottles and palettes/shipping containers can be used as planter pots. These things are easy to find; even if they aren’t recycled yet, anyone can use them! You might not think this is a good option because it’s made up of hard plastics; however, adding about 10% vermiculite will allow water drainage while retaining moisture.

4. Use A Wall As Your Vertical Garden

This is the perfect idea for incredibly busy people yet still want to bring out that inner gardener in them. This works by using the wall as a vertical garden; there is no room for pots here since your wall can be turned into one big pot! All you have to do is start with hanging planters and fill each one with soil or drain rock (again, from the garden store). After that’s done, line up all of the planters, and hang them on a wall! You can then plant seeds or cuttings into each one.

5. Use Your Indoor Plants To Bring In The Aesthetic Feel Of Nature Indoors

This is the perfect idea for those who have no time for outdoor gardening or enjoy being indoors more than being outside. While this does take some effort, bringing in the natural feel of nature indoors will be well worth it because it allows you to bring out that inner gardener in you without having to go outside at all! Plus getting the benefits of having indoor plants as what this site says.

In conclusion, there are over 100 ways that you can be creative with your indoor plants. Even if you have just one plant, it is easy to do something creative with it! Keep this in mind when you are browsing through home decor stores for decoration ideas for your house.

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