Slim Fit Shirt Guide for Men

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Fashion is to the street, but the style is personalized. Each and every person in this world have their sense of style, which is also directly related to the way they carry themselves. While some men are classy with a button-down, the others follow the trend. Whatever the case may be, slim fit shirt dresses, both follow the trend as well as a favourite choice for men, especially people who possess lean physic.

What exactly are slim fit dress shirts?

They are exactly as the name suggests- they’re slim! Other types of men’s dress shirts, comprises of a classic pattern of cut, with a clean and polished look. A slim dress shirt is generally worn with a jacket, but it looks perfectly fine even if you decide to ditch the jacket. Some of the features that account for a slim fit dress shirt are:

  • Trimmed chest
  • Suitable shirt length
  • Refined collars
  • Trimmed and fitting shoulders and back

All these features are especially mastered by slim dress shirts from Nimble Made, which are tailored to perfection, using high-quality materials and with different styles and patterns.

The versatility included in the styling of these shirts is what has increased the popularity of these shirts, around the world. They can not only be worn for your next interview, but you can also pair them with chinos or a pair of tapered and distressed jeans for your next date.

Slim Fit dress shirt styling ideas

Like mentioned earlier, there is a sea of option to pair the slim fit shirts, with different bottoms and layers. This also means that it provides options for various occasions, like:

  • A night out with friends
  • Outdoor party
  • A professional look for work
  • Dinner with family
  • A first date

It can be styled in many different ways, based on the occasion. Some essential styling tips are mentioned below:

  • Pair the shirt with a darker pant, or if you’re opting for a printed shirt, choose a good quality pair of jeans and a pair of fashionable sneakers to create an appealing, yet comfortable look.
  • For an outdoor party, you might want to keep it casual and wear light colored slim fit dress shirt, probably baby pink, sky blue or white, and pair them up with khaki pants or chinos, loafers and a suitable belt.
  • Depending on the professionalism of your workplace, you could pair a classic white or blue slim fit dress shirt with colored pants and a tie if necessary. Or you could call it a little casual and layer it with a formal jacket.
  • For your first date, you could pair with bold color pants and a casual leather jacket to create a first impression.

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