Many individuals fantasize about taking a trip to Hawaii. It’s one of the gorgeous locations we’ve seen, with fantastic beaches, spectacular volcanic scenery, & lush green hills, but it’s also one of the most costly.

While we believe the islands are well worth the expensive cost, it is essential to prepare in advance to make the most of your visit.


DO SAVE MONEY: Hawaii is costly, and you’ll have a better time if you’re not worried about every dollar. We paid $267 per person each day (as a pair) for everything except airfare from the mainland United States. Traveling during the off-season, staying in non-beachfront accommodations, and foregoing costly tours can all help you save money. You might spend a lot more money if you stayed in a luxury resort and ate out every meal.

Do book excellent Hawaii tour guides, your hotel far ahead of time, especially if you’re traveling during peak season, would like an ocean view, or are going to locations like Hana and Upcountry Maui, where lodging is scarce. On Booking, you can find resorts and hotels, and on Vrbo, you can find vacation rentals.

Rent a vehicle if you can. You’ll want to tour the island unless you’re traveling to Hawaii for a fortnight of sunbathing near Waikiki Beach. Yes, you could take an organized day excursion to the must-see Northern Beaches, yet you won’t be able to stop at any cool shrimp truck, shaved ice stand, or beach that isn’t on the tour schedule. Unless you’re going to and from a local restaurant or beach, using an Uber or Lyft is also prohibitively expensive. In three days, I drove almost 200 miles in my rented automobile.

Do fly in & out of different islands – Make the most of your stay on the islands by flying in and out of one island (such as Kauai) (such as Maui). I was astonished by the number of low-cost direct flights available from the United States mainland to destinations other than Honolulu.

Do go for a walk. Diamond Head is an easy option because it is a family-friendly landmark near Waikiki Beach. Another alternative is the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail, located on Oahu’s southeastern point and about 30 minutes from Waikiki. The paved walk, which is particularly suitable for families, gives breathtaking views of the water at every bend. It’s 2.4 miles each way with a 500-foot elevation increase. It took 70 minutes, including picture stops.

Renting a condominium with a kitchen instead of a resort is a fantastic option to save money for families staying for a week or longer and people on a budget. There are several options, some of which include resort amenities such as pools and nearshore sites. We stayed in condominiums for most of our trip, and one of our favorites was Kiahuna Plantation on Kauai’s Poipu Beach. Vrbo is a fantastic resource for finding condominiums.


DON’T RESTRICT YOURSELF TO WAIKIKI BEACH FOR YOUR BEACH TIME. Yes, it’s famous, and it’s close to a plethora of hotels. However, it is also congested and not particularly broad in most areas. To begin, drive less than twenty miles from Waikiki to Waimanalo Bay, gorgeous and uncrowded. You’ll be reminded of the Caribbean by the turquoise sea.

DO NOT PURCHASE SOUVENIRS FROM THE AIRPORT OR HOTEL GIFT STORE. You’ll have to pay a higher price. ABC Stores, the Honolulu-based business, features shelves of mixed nuts, coffee, and other goods, as well as a five-for-twenty T-shirt sale regularly. Members of Costco should also take a look at what the warehouse has to offer. Bring home delectable shortbread biscuits from Hawaii Cookie Company, which has many locations in Honolulu, for a special treat.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT HIDDEN COSTS – the price displayed on a hotel or resort’s website is rarely the price you’ll pay. You’ll also have to factor in taxes, as well as a resort fee, housekeeping cost (for condominiums), and a parking fee. When evaluating lodging choices, make sure to look at the whole pricing.

DON’T GO DURING THE HOLIDAYS: Try to avoid going during the busiest periods of the year, such as Christmas & New Year, when crowds and costs are at their highest. Another hectic week is Thanksgiving week. If you really must go, make a reservation far in advance.