Fashion Tips


Want to glance at that celebrity crush of yours when you position yourself in front of the mirror? This isn’t an arduous task; all you got to do is revamp that closet of yours, and let’s transform you into the alter ego of your favourite celebrity!

Let’s Get Your Basics Right

Be sure to have all the essentials to create the fantasy of a perfect wardrobe into a reality. You got to have that classic mini black dress, a pair of fitted jeans, an elegant blazer, a simple T-shirt, and a fluid leather/denim jacket. The indispensable aspect of that ideal wardrobe of yours is to get your fundamentals on the mark.

Elegant blazer

Unlearn the Transience in You

Try and learn to balance proportions, and this is all about achieving that ideal comprehensive aesthetic blend. And how do you attain this aesthetic harmony? The solution is to wear clothes that are fitted to your unique body shape. So, it differs from person to person. The existence of that sole perfect clothing is invalid. But try and find your sole panacea. And when you want to create that fashion statement by wearing oversized clothes, make sure that you keep the rest of the look fitted.

Red is the New Elixir

When in doubt go with red! You can always fall back on red, be it comfortable pumps, hot heels, an opulent handbag, a funky jacket, or a little dress. Pair it with that fiery red lipstick of yours. Trust me; you will look like a bomb! Even if you are feeling lethargic, those smooth red lips will fashion you into a showstopper. So, girls walk with those heads held high.

Red is the New Elixir

Discover your Exclusive Poise

Establish your signature style! If you like experimenting, go wild with your imagination. Be fluid with your style the gender category should not be a barrier. Take time and experiment with those trendy colours and shapes and find that ideal clothing for that unique body of yours – go with what defines you best!

Stay Away from Being Colour Coordinated

Trying to match your outfits can be traced back to our ancestry. Just kidding, but definitely, it belongs to the past now. It is no more a part of our fashion statement. Rather play with flashy colours, and don’t stick to that one single colour flowing from head-to-toe, give those contrasting colours a chance. The conventional style is totally out of our league this year – this is the new contemporary. Style it with that flamboyant handbag, heel, or accessory of yours.


Expend on Those Accessories

The right pair of jewellery can work magic on your features, and also transform that simple outfit of yours into something extravagant. Therefore, one should buy jewellery according to their face shape, as studs give that round shape to your face, while long earnings make it look bony.