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Fresh Fashion Trends of 2020

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Suppose you are bored at home and fighting with the unexpected trauma of quarantine. Don’t lose sleep, rather sleep luxuriously and do not let those dark crescent moons hang under your eyes. But be that fashion icon among your friends. Revamp your wardrobe with cosy, work-from-home outfits. And if you are wandering the streets once or twice a week, you might as well embark in that flashy outfit of yours! Get ready for that shopping spree, get hold of that bold street style, from the popular neutral colour to a myriad of dazzling shades, feathered tops to bralettes that appear aggrandized when paired with a blazer.

Timeless Sleeves

Timeless Sleeves

Let’s time travel to the 19th century, puffed sleeves sold like hotcakes during the reign of Queen Victoria – hence also termed as Victorian-inspired sleeves. It is that modern element to an elegant silhouette. The delusion of a smaller waist is created by attracting the eye up and by the addition of drama and volume to your shoulder – giving that feminine touch. Go with soft colours or unleash that gothic style in you – black or grey.

Transcend the Walls of Bedroom

Lingerie is the cynosure of all eyes this year. The comfort of lounging at home in just your bra and undies is no longer confined to your home’s walls. This is a style that you can opt for when you feel lazy to get all decked up. From crochet to bikini, dressing comes in all fashions. Just pair it with a high-waisted skirt, or that funky blazer and you have that flawless look.

Vivid Leather

Keep yourself warm under the luxury, a vibrant leather coat. From the deep violets, blues to the emerald green be a feast to the eyes. It is a rainbow array of styles, in both real and faux, or in a flamboyant colour like red or emerald, or with that gothic-inspired style of yours in all-black, either way, you are on a roll! And it is available in every form from dresses, to jumpsuits, and pants.


Square Toed Footwear

Let us welcome the most significant footwear trend of 2020. Put a spin on the conventional heel with a square toe style. While it aids in lengthening your legs, embrace the transition to boots as we progress to the cold months—the ideal way to complete any outfit with a funky and fresh undertone. The ankle boots can be paired well with both dresses and jeans alike.

Let’s Ditch Skirts for Shorts

This trend will be all-pervasive this year, with culottes and Bermuda shorts being the fashion statements and the alternatives for skirts. If the thought of those hot pants makes you shiver, pair it up with boots, and you are good to go in your exuberant style.


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